Mega-Wonderful-Giant (anything but copyright-protected “Super”) Flies land at Raleigh!

Peering at the giant dragonflies

Giant dragonflies attract lots of attention at Artsplosure in Raleigh, NC, May 2013

Whoohoo! We had fun in Raleigh with the giant dragonflies. “Cool.” “Incredible.” “OMG.” Heard it all day long.

Here’s a youtube video about it (click on the words below, not the picture to the left):

Big Dragonflies Land in Raleigh, N.C. — by Charlie Yowell

We really like these dragonflies. They’re made of fade-proof, weather-resistant fluorescent acrylic, and the 1.2-watt (combined) 100 LEDs powered by solar collectors transmit the bright color at night, while the wings flash — to some, they even look as if they’re flying! Think of a firefly crossed with a dragonfly — on steroids.

We’re building lots more of these crazy, whimsical and innovative items. We’re also thinking of rentals or installations — Hey, non-profits dedicated to protecting the wetlands (dragonflies need wetlands, as do we all, FYI), contact us! OK, time to scoot — got to make more giant fluorescent, light-up dragonflies — enjoy the video!