Solar Creatures Warranty and Manufacturer’s Instructions


Warranty Policy – Solar Products

LED lights inside the rope lights are rated by the manufacturer for at least 55,000 hours. They are warranted by the manufacturer for one year. The solar collectors are warranted by the manufacturer for one year. To invoke the warranty, you usually have to send the defective products to China. Seriously.

This is SO impractical, we offer a warranty policy of our own as follows:

We will repair or replace solar collectors or rope lights within one year for free, including shipping. We do not warrant damage by man-made or natural causes.

After one year, we will sell you replacement rope lights and/or solar collector eyes at cost including shipping. The eyes will be sent as two eyes on a bracket, ready to go onto your dragonfly. If one eye is still working, we ask that you send us the whole headset, and we will reduce cost to you accordingly.



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