Solar Art Overview

Two solar flies at twilight

Two solar flies at twilight. 4′ x 4′ x 4′

It all started with a dragonfly. For the past five years, I’ve been developing my signature solar-powered, acrylic-and-aluminum sculptures. Today, I have a gallery of solar-powered “creatures”  — dragonflies (of course) but also butterflies, flowers, fish, flamingoes and geckos (although some call them salamanders, and others lizards — to each their own, I believe). I’ve even created a custom palm tree (that was fun, now bring me my Margarita!)

Honestly, I have to say, they look COOL! And the best part? At night, they flash, or glow, adding delight and vivid color to the nighttime garden.

All solar creatures are made of fade-proof outdoor-rated acrylic and rustproof metals. Dragonflies and butterflies have two solar collector “eyes.” Each solar collector powers a 50-LED string of lights and charges a standard rechargeable AA battery during the day, automatically switching on at night, and off in the morning.

While I cannot guarantee an all-weather piece, these can stand up to cold temperatures, some snowfall and normal storms. No snow or ice build-up, please.

I use three types of acrylic. The fluorescents “glow” from the inside (they don’t “glow in the dark” but they do have that appearance)The fluorescents and transparents cast colorful shadows on the lawn. The translucents are deeply colored, but, alas, do not cast colored “shadows.”


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